Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chickens that deserve death

El Jefe here. The El Jefe that considers all livestock, including, potentially, the dog, to be food. XaLynn let the kids name the chickens, despite my warnings from personal experience. So now we're dealing with chicken meanness. Chickens, if you didn't know, are ruthless, sort of like mobsters or communists, or democrats. If they sense weakness, or nonconformity -- like the mob, the commies, or the democrats -- they kill it. So XaLynn gets several Polish top hat chickens, and the kids name them. I really don't know why. They are classed as "ornamental", which pretty much means they are poor egg layers and poor meat producers. Pets. They still look like meat to me, but XaLynn and the Princess and the Pirate are still upset that they get "picked on" by the other chickens.

 They also have lots of tufted feathers sticking out of their heads. They look like the loser big hair kids in high school. Not the cool ones, but the ones who were just dirty and stupid looking.

(This is the main culprit--AKA "The Grey Fox")

 (This is the Grey Fox with his criminal gang. All I know is that they named the one in the lower left "Lucky." I'm wanting to eat him just for the irony.)

The other chickens, naturally, are offended at the stupid looking chickens and want to peck at them continously. And they do. The end result is that the Polish Top Hat chickens are about to meet their maker. Currently, all of them have a tonsure, since the other chickens apparently think it's fun to peck at the back of the Top Hats' heads.

Enter El Jefe at "She's" command. $100 of lumber later, we are near to finishing what will likely be a turkey or goose coop after I finish off the Top Hats. In the meantime, the top hats will get their own special "time out" room in which they can feel safe from the mean normal chickens.