Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back to Square One

House roof structure failed to pass inspection.  (Can't get a loan for it in its current condition).  And there were some other issues, like the radon levels.  I am bummed.  And upset that this wasted two months and we are back to square one on finding an affordable, existing property that meets our requirements. 

And I'm also just tired and irritable due to being hugely overscheduled.  Therefore, I have a new rule from this moment until at least a month AFTER we have moved into whatever house we actually end up in.  That rule is NO.  NO, I cannot go there.  NO, I cannot do that.  Do not ask me to volunteer for anything.  I already volunteered for too much.  Do not ask my kids to participate in anything new.  They already have too many outside activities.  NO, NO, NO!  There will be no new activities.  In fact, as this semesters' activities wind down, we will NOT be signing up to do them again next semester.  Do you know how many nights in the last two weeks we have gotten home in time to read bedtime stories? That would be ZERO.  Do you know how many nights we've sent children to bed crying because they are overtired, and angry that it is too late for a story?  Too many.  We're done.  I'm done.  Goodnight. 


  1. Sorry to hear about the roof. The home we own, had radon found before the former owner listed it for sale so they had to install a radon vent fan thing. We lived there with that fan and it is fine.

    I agree, do less and say no to most things during this transition. Sounds like a plan.

  2. So, I need you to SB at Lapeer in December. Also, Fred has a new assignment for me, need you to take over again as SC.

  3. Burbs, you owe me a new keyboard. LOL!