Monday, June 18, 2012

Snake flies the coop

Yesterday, the Pirate gave her snake a (frozen and then thawed) mouse, which he didn't eat.  This was cause for her to have a screaming hissy fit over him wasting another mouse.  She threw such a temper tantrum ("I hate you, Tooth, I HATE YOU!  You're a stupid jerk!"), that she distracted herself from closing the snake's door.  She left the room and her snake left his cage, and no one can find him anywhere.  I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in the Pirate.  Under no circumstances will I ever buy her another pet, and I do not care how many teeth the dentist has to remove from her mouth.  I do not have time for this idiocy this week.  Homeschool is cancelled, and so is the "official vacation" from it in July, since we will be making up everything that will not get done this week while I take the house apart trying to rescue the snake from the Pirate's irresponsible idiocy.  I have to take the car to the mechanic tonight, after the Pirate's appointment, and TaeKwonDo, so nothing will get done here after 3PM, until tomorrow.  And I REALLY do not have time for this.  Why?  Because I have between 6 and 12 guests coming this weekend.  Assuming they are still willing to come, after they hear about the snake.

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  1. Yikes, a loose snake in the house! My brother had gerbils growing up and we had floor length curtains in the living room. Occasionally, one would get loose. Well, come spring when mom took the drapes down to get them dry cleaned, there was a bulge in the hem several feet from the side of the drape. Turns out it was the skeletal remains for my brother's lost gerbil.

    How are your 29 chicks doing? I am the proud owner of 5 baby chicks born on Saturday! Mother hen is doing a great job of caring for them.