Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Communion for Preppers

El Jefe here. If you're one of the few, the brave, the "it showed up on Facebook and looked so weird I had to see what El Jefe was doing hijacking XaLynn's account this month" crowd, I need to make you aware of that major hole in your emergency preps. You may have a bunch of bottled water and some filters. You probably have 1000 rounds of ammo for each firearm in your arsenal. Canned goods-check. Emergency medical supplies, including a platoon-rated field hospital shrunk down to fit in a plastic sandwich baggie: got three. Radiation detection gear and potassium iodide- no worries. Gas mask. Tomahawk, Buck Hoodlum knife, and an assortment of moras. Tactical pants.

But you're almost certainly missing a major critical item -- prepackaged, long-shelf-life communion supplies.

Prepper wafer & wine

In my opinion, no Christian prepper can really claim to be ready for bad times until they have this and a stack of economy bibles (in a modern English translation:  E.g., NKJV Economy Bible) to distribute to friends and wandering 'zombie hordes'. (For the non-initiated, that's code-speak for the lost and clueless).

Please understand what I'm saying. I believe, out of all the sacraments, that communion is the most important in the life of a Christian. The commitment and public communion with Christ in some senses defines the Christian faith. We partake in communion because it gives us the opportunity both to  publicly declare our faith in Christ as the savior of all mankind generally and to privately unite with Christ as our personal savior.

So when I talk about the prepper's communion, I'm talking about the recognition that our life in Christ is just as, and even more, critically important as any amount of physical food, water, vitamins, batteries, ammunition, etc. that we might have on hand in the event of TEOTWAKI. I doubt I'm going to buy the prepper wafer/wine sealpak combo, but looking at it really made me think about the focus of the current awareness (in some circles "fad") about preparing for future disasters. Thinking about our preps, and recognizing that those preparations for the future in some sense represent where we (or you) have placed your faith, did we make room for God in between the ammo, heritage tomato seeds, and the canned goods?

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