Saturday, November 24, 2012

The month that got away

I realized that I've been doing a poor job blogging this month - partly because I've been busy, and partly because I tend to post a sentence or two on FB about what we've been up to, and then I don't feel like repeating myself here.  So I will have to make an effort to blog first and then FB from now on. 

On the chicken front, the Grey Fox had aggression issues with everyone but me, so we ate him for Thanksgiving.  I was kind of bummed about not having wild turkey, but since I didn't get out during turkey hunting season, we had chicken instead.  It was a quiet Thanksgiving at home.  I missed my family in Ohio.  I miss the Grey Fox, too.  He consistently went after the Pirate, though, and occasionally the Princess, and even jumped on El Jefe a couple times.  He didn't like the metal bucket I was carrying once, but that's as bad as he got with me.  Generally, he'd puff up at the Pirate, I'd step between them, and he'd deflate and find something more interesting to do elsewhere.  With him gone, Lucky-the-Lakenvelder and Drunken Chicken are duking it out to see who will be the Supreme Ruler of the Chicken Yard.  My money is on Lucky.  Drunken Chicken puffs back at him, but keeps retreating.  We got 12 eggs from ten hens today, which is the most we've ever gotten - apparently they like life without the Grey Fox just fine.  This is all from the Rocks (brown eggs) and Blue Andalusians (white eggs).  The Top Hats aren't laying yet.

On the deer front, El Jefe got a doe, which we took to the processor because we were having guests arrive the next day and it just wasn't going to happen that I would be up half the night processing it and be functional the next day.  Without help, because I have banned El Jefe from my kitchen during deer processing, in order to avoid a right bloody mess, and a trip to the ER.

On the house front, I'm still priming the Princess' ceiling, because the tendonitis in my right arm is so bad that holding the brush/roller to the ceiling for any length of time sets the whole thing on fire and then it aches abominably the next day.  So I'm doing little bits at a time.  The doc said it won't get better unless I can totally NOT USE IT for several weeks.  Yeah, sweetheart, like THAT'S going to happen.  On the other hand, she gave me a different med for the fibromyalgia, which is working so well I feel almost too good... I'm almost afraid to say that for fear of jinxing it.  And now I need to go do my bit of painting for the evening, so I can clean it up and spend some time with El Jefe...  belated Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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