Thursday, April 4, 2013

My own Duck Dynasty

Um, not really.  I just moved the ducklings out of the laundry room into the little coop (formerly known as Chicken Ghetto).  I set them up with two heat lamps because they are 25 days old (ish) and it's going to be pretty chilly tonight.  When I checked them at 8PM, they were bedded down, but not huddled under the lamps (which are on one side of the coop, leaving them room to get away it that is too hot for them).  They weren't panting, either, so that must be a good temp for them.

The chicks in the laundry are so quiet in comparison, I keep peeking in on them to make sure they are all right.  Well, maybe I'm doing it because they are cute.  Well, mostly cute.  I had one crawl up my jacket sleeve trying to escape treatment for pasted butt.  (Exactly.  Warm, wet cloth on back end til clean.)  All the others are nice and clean and peeping quietly.

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