Tuesday, January 7, 2014


This is Vinnie.  He is the newest addition to our menagerie.  He is not "new" however, being nine years old.  I actually had this all written out and ready to post just after Christmas when he arrived, but Blogger was being a Booger and not saving or publishing anything for me.  So I re-write.  Vinnie came to us because his original family rented a home from a relative of theirs for many years while it was on the market.  The home finally sold, and the family had to move very quickly.  It proved impossible for them to find an affordable rental home for a family of eight plus a Bull Mastiff.  So we have been blessed with Vinnie.  I also refer to him as The Wall of Zen, because he is the calmest dog ever.  Sunny is neurotic about strangers in any form (human or animal) and took exception to Vinnie in the kitchen the morning after we got him.  (I should point out here that Sunny weighs 25#, while Vinnie tops out at 130#).  Anyway, Sunny charged Vinnie, then realized halfway there how stupid that was and tried to stop.  That didn't work so well on the vinyl floor, and Sunny slid right into Vinny... who ignored the entire event, and Sunny, utterly.  I hope Vinnie's calm is contagious, and Sunny catches it...

Into the second week, Sunny seems to be adjusting.  He is down to about three mad barking and growling spells a day now, from uncountable barking snits and continual grumbling under his breath at the beginning.

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