Saturday, November 5, 2016

Adventures in Milking

I don't have goats, but in an effort to learn whether or not I would like them, I've volunteered to take care of a neighbor's when he travels.  This means milking them.  Last month, I milked them for a week for him, twice daily with the electric milking machine.  It's way cool and doesn't take long - about 10 minutes per goat.

Today, however, things did not go quite as planned... I went to milk the goats with the electric milker, but it wouldn't start. So I thought I'd just hand milk them.  Goat #1 wanted nothing to do with my plan; she put her foot in the bucket and eventually kicked it over and began the "You can't milk me!" dance, (so I put her away and went on to #2). When I finished #2-4 (all far more cooperative, even though it took me an hour, being an utter noob at this), I finally had the brilliant idea to follow the extension cords through the barn to see if a line got chewed or something... only to discover at the end of the lines that one of the dry does or dueling had UNPLUGGED the milker. So #1 got milked the way she likes it. The chickens got the milk (we're not drinking it after the goat put her foot in it), and I had to laugh at myself all the way home. Always blame the goats first!

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