Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Princess' Reaction to the Concept of Snake

The Princess, in discussion with the receptionist at the dentist's office..

"If she (the Pirate) gets a snake, I will NEVER SLEEP AGAIN."

The receptionist, ever helpful, says, "Neither would I."

Laugh or cry, that IS the question for the day...


  1. While I am an advocate of kids having pets (I had tons as a kid)...I tend to agree with the Princess....snakes aren't my bag....however..that being said.....make it clear to her that the snake is her responsibility, and it is up to her to keep it away from those who don't have an affinity for reptiles. Aunt Gail

  2. Hi Aunt Gail! She had to pile up the giant seed pods from the trees in the front yard to earn the $ to buy the mouse to feed the snake next week. I am quite sure from her reaction that she had not quite thought that through! Heh. She did it, though. Later she can vacuum my van for another $2... LOL

  3. Good learning experience...I applaud your technique!!....Aunt Gail