Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tales from the Firing Line

The girls had their air rifle class this morning.  Miss Princess proned out next to her friend G, and the two of them proceeded to ding the tiny steel animal targets with gleeful abandon - with commentary -
"I hit the pig!" 
"You have bacon for breakfast!" 
"I hit the chicken!" 
"Drumsticks for dinner!" 

Meanwhile Miss Pirate was getting frustrated due to her lack of bullseyes and "DIIIINNNNG!" noises.  Her wonderful instructor, Keith, suggested she explain to her friend Little Bear (the stuffed animal Gramu loaned her, which she takes everywhere, even the range) each step to firing the shot... "First you build your position, Little Bear... slowly squeeeeeze the trigger..."  I find it hysterically funny that her shooting improved immensely at that point, she continued to talk Little Bear through each shot, and she shot well enough to please herself for the last hour of class.  Perhaps I should have brought my bear to the Appleseed this past weekend and improved my shooting, too...

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