Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Risking Miss Pirate's Life least, I'm risking it according to HER.  Miss Pirate informed her Gramu (Miss Pirate is nothing if not "funetik") that her Mama was risking her life and she shouldn't be doing that.  Apparently, every time Miss Pirate is sent to her room for an attitude adjustment, she gets so mad she wants to jump out the window, but she cannot because the ground is too hard where she would land, and so Mama should buy Miss Pirate a trampoline to land in and stop risking her little girl's life.   I am only surprised she didn't hit up Gramu for the trampoline...


  1. nail the window shut and tell her its to protect her from jumping out of it......

  2. Miss Pirate's response: "Mommy, is that a hammer? Mommy, may I have one, too? Mommy, I want a hammer. I want a hammer now, Mommy. HAMMER!"

    Yeah, I can just see how that's going to go...LOL... then there will be the visit from CPS - Miss Pirate yelling to CPS worker, "MY MOMMY'S HAMMERED..." (now whispering) "...the windows shut." This is going to go well, I can see that.