Monday, July 25, 2011

So we finally got an offer on the house...

Thank God (and all the people praying for us about this)!  Now we just have to figure out if we can afford it... it is contingent upon my spreading the rest of the mulch, LOL.  I'm going up to the mulch place to ask (beg) if they can refund my last undelivered truckload (20 cu yds) just as soon as I finish the pile still on the apron in the drive today.  If they won't, then I'll ask them to hold it 'til the new house is built and we need it there.  Ha.  And we have to get a new roof on this place.  We have bids ranging from $5,800-18,000.   I'd love the steel roof (that's the $18,000) if we were staying, but since we aren't, we'll put on another shingle roof.  Unless the buyers want to pay the difference.

This is going to mess with the school year.  Not that I care that much, since we homeschool.  It just means that the month we get ahead by starting the beginning of August will immediately disappear into the confusion of moving.  I can deal with that.  I like having that month done before everyone else starts because all the books are in the library and I have no time monkey until December.  The tradeoff is worth getting out of this house and onto the property.  I hope that will happen fast - we still have time to build and be in by the end of the year, but the financing would have to be a bit creative since we're going to lose money on this sale, and the equity was used to buy the property for cash.

We could save some money if I GC'd this house myself.  But it would slow us down some, since I've never done it before.  Anyone out there ever GC their own home?   

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