Monday, August 1, 2011

Packing (toys, not heat)

Yes, I know the verb packing around here usually refers to firearms, but lately it has been used in reference to the tremendous amount of STUFF I have to shove in boxes, toss into storage, toss into the trash, take to Goodwill or generally get out of this house prior to the end of the month.

May I just say that I am depressed and disheartened at the amount of junk we've accumulated in ten years here?  That I long for the days when everything I owned fit in the back of my pickup truck?  That my children have WAY TOO MANY TOYS! (Note to the friends and relatives who buy toys for my kids!  Please STOP!  We will love you anyway!  I promise!  In fact, we will love you MORE!)

And due to the short time frame, and the roofers coming next week, I cannot get a garage sale organized to get rid of any of this.  There just isn't time, since we still need to find a place to move TO.  So I'm thinking I'll just haul as much as I can to Goodwill after trying the "FREE" sign on the stuff at the end of the driveway for a few days.  

If anyone wants a Singer school model sewing machine ($50), or a giant beanbag (the loveseat-sized LoveSac in brown - $40), or a Roman chair/pullup exercise tower ($25), just come and get them.  And/or a metal (looks like cast iron but isn't) queen sized headboard ($10)...

Also, I need good packing tips are welcome.  I'm way out of practice...

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