Saturday, August 27, 2011

So the rental house got sold out from under us

After months of no showings, the house we were supposed to move into next weekend... has been sold.  Or at least, an offer was made, a counteroffer was made, anyway, the buyers are "motivated", the sellers are "desperate,"  and we are... screwed.

Not really.  After not being able to choose between breaking down in tears, or punching a few holes in the walls, I got in the car with el Jefe, and we went apt hunting (again) only to discover (again) that no one wants a dog, or a short term lease, on a 3 bedroom apt... blah, blah, blah.  So we went over tot the townhomes we originally had as our second choice after the house, and yes, the price had gone up (of course) BUT they were running a new special, which involved a 7 month lease (bummer, but better than 12) AND 1 month FREE... which more than makes up for the price increase, as long as we only stay 7 months.  So...

We must get the quotes on what we want to build (and they have to be our conservative estimate of affordable), or, if they are not under our max acceptable price, we have to find existing property that is.  And close on it before our lease runs out, but not so much before the lease that we are out 4 months rent. 

At least the townhouse has a basement, so we can empty our storage units, and washer/dryer, so I don't have to shlep to the laundromat.  And way more square footage than any of the apts, so I am not driven nuts living in close quarters in winter with a small but exceedingly vocal Pirate.  And the darn dog.

I am so stressed out.  I threatened to mow the lawn... in cursive.  Use your imagination...

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