Friday, August 5, 2011

Inspection Results

I'm extremely pleased to say that the inspection came back completely clear except that we have to add a railing down the three steps from the deck to the yard, in order for the new owners to get their FHA loan. Silly, but that's gov't for you.
Yesterday, I had a meeting with one of the builders I wanted to talk to... none of the structural changes I wanted to make to the plans are at all difficult, or expensive.  He suggested 9' finished ceilings in the basement, and said it would save us some money to use roof trusses in part of the third floor bonus room,  and Dan's office doesn't really need to be 20+' by 30+'.  Dan was good with half that size.  That puts my sewing space in the basement... which means Dan won't have to listen to my machines buzzing along.  Now the question is whether converting the screened porch to a conservatory, and finishing the basement will break the bank.  We'll see.  I need to talk to the other three builders next week... Must call them tomorrow - that was one of many things that didn't get done today while I packed another load into the van.  Dan is having far more fun taking his motorcycle class so he can get his license... I'd be jealous, but I've got some Appleseeds coming up...
We still need a place to live by the end of the month - I've got a couple leads on homes in Williamston, which would be the best location for us in terms of saving gas $$.  If anyone knows of anything on the rental market that will do a 6 month lease, FB or email me, please!

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  1. The 9' ceilings in the basement are an excellent idea. We had high ceilings but I think they were 8', that is high for New England where some homes have 5' basement ceilings. LOL