Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost done...

Still packing.  Amusement from Sunday- the buyers' agent called and wanted to move the closing date up to Monday (8/22).  Yes, that's right.  He thought we would be ready, willing , and able to close with less than 24 hours notice.  And then he apparently tried to tell our agent that the wording "close on or before 8/31" meant he could schedule it any dang time he wanted and we'd have to do it.  Bwahahahah.  I'd have been willing to move it up a couple days, but not NINE, when we aren't moved out, and we'd have to pay for 9 extra days of hotel (or even camping) over the 4 we are already on the hook for.  And his attitude was snarky, so close remains 8/31. 

Culligan picked up their stuff today.  Broadstripe comes in a few more days.  Everything else is scheduled to stop by 8/31.  Kids go to grandparents tomorrow.  Furniture move to storage is Friday, then we'll be camping in the house (airbeds and sleeping bags) until Wednesday's close.  Then off to the campground til Saturday, when we can get into the house.  And Broadstripe will show up that evening, so I SHOULD have internet access as soon as I get the computer set up.  We will see...

Xa Lynn

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