Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New House for the New Year!

December 30, 2011, we FINALLY closed on the Cookstove House.  Hooray!  2011 was a stressful year, and I must admit I am glad to see it gone, particularly glad that we can now get out of this apt in the hood and into a home with room to roam.  (Yes, that was on purpose.  You can throw something at me if you like).  I thought I'd be able to post the realtor's pics of the place here on the blog, but they are protected so I will have to take my own and post them later this week.  Of course, mine will look much gloomier, considering the mud and cloudcover we have right now.  But I am happy despite the weather. 

Speaking of that, it's been rather too long since I felt like this... like I have the resources to make tomorrow better than today (and today has been real nice, BTW).  I'm liking it.  Though I admit to some trepidation about the amount of energy and work that the new place will require if it is to be as self-sufficient as possible.  We've been trying to find an affordable but livable house on enough land that we could hunt it and/or farm it (for subsistence, not commercially) for about 15 years.  I had given up on that about three years ago.  I had simply decided it wouldn't ever happen, and that I should get over it and get to work on simply being as self-sufficient as possible in whatever conditions we were in.  This is not a BAD attitude, since one should always make the best of whatever situation one finds oneself in, but it is not an attitude that led to much excitement on my part.  I prefer my happiness to be exciting, apparently. LOL.  The whole Chinese curse about "May you live in interesting times" has always made me grin.  And you must admit that these ARE "interesting times."  Possibly not the most positively interesting times this world has ever seen, but interesting nonetheless...

May you all have a positively interesting New Year!

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