Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pics of Cookstove House

Here are some pics of Cookstove House.  You'll see why El Jefe keeps referring to it as Cookstove and Plywood Place.  Keep in mind it was a dark and dreary cloudy day when the pics were taken.  Please. 

First is the lovely Stove in what used to be the dining room...

to the left of the Stove are the stairs going up to the loft... the room you see through the door on the right is El Jefe's future office.

this is the loft.  These pics were taken when the former owner still had stuff in the house, btw.
this is the littlest bedroom, off the loft, leading to the balcony. We will be using it for a reading/homeschooling room.

This will probably the Princess' bedroom.  She wants it to look like the Captain's cabin on the Dawn Treader.

El Jefe's future office

Our bedroom.  The color on the wall's did not reproduce well in the pic.  It is a bright salmon, not pink.

Now I need to pack another load in the van, and a lunch, and the kids and the dog, and get on down there, to unpack the trailer loads from Saturday, and today's van load.  Yesterday I bought two closet organizers and curtains for three of the windows that have none (but no rods, so I cannot hang them today).  Menards didn't have enough curtains for the living room. (I need two more panels).  They should be in next week.  I see no reason to get the rods until then, unless I come upon a great sale.


  1. I take it that that is the stove mentioned at small holding?

    Looks very nice.

  2. Yes, sir, it is! I think it is beautiful. Now if I can just figure out how to cook in that oven...

  3. Congratulations on your new house! I love the cookstove and the loft. Wishing you the best as you get moved in and settled into your home.

  4. Thank you Rose! I think I have two more van loads of stuff from the storage unit to haul down there - then I'm going to see if there is anything in our garage that will fit in the van that I can store in the barn or shed. Hopefully before it snows...
    Xa Lynn