Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mice and such

El Jefe mentioned the mice issue in the previous post.  So far this week we have caught three under the kitchen sink with snap traps baited with peanut butter.  I may have gone a bit too far with the number of traps under that sink (but I know that is where they are coming in), since the last mouse was caught in two traps at once.

I wish I weren't allergic to cats.  And that cats didn't carry toxoplasmosis, which messes with your brain, according to the latest science.  On the one hand, it supposedly makes women more social, and men less so, when it is not causing schizophrenia. Below is the link to one of several articles on the topic...
Cats making us nuts?

I spent the afternoon cleaning the apt.  I'm nowhere near done.  The fridge is clean, but the oven cleaner once again caused me to hack up a lung, and I had to leave the apt.  I hope it will work overnight and I'll be able to wipe it out without having an asthma attack tomorrow.  Otherwise I'll be finishing the cleaning wearing a gas mask.  Won't that be fun...


  1. Oh, Yikes! Mice! We have mice and voles. And we have evidence of mice in our garage. Can you also use D-Con? As long as you don't have pets that might catch a mouse that has feasted on the D-Con, you should be okay? If you are averted to chemicals, traps with peanut butter, cheez whiz and cheerios in peanut butter are good options for the snap traps. Good Luck.

  2. Hi Rose!
    I used glue traps in the garage at our old house and in the van when they got into it. I didn't like those, because I still had to dispose of the live mouse after it was caught. So far, I've gotten three with the snap traps baited with peanut butter. I tried sunflower seeds on them last night, but they stole the seeds without setting off the traps, so I'm back to peanut butter tonight. I don't think I can use D-Con because the dog might eat one then. Of course, he's never shown any interest in mice catching before, but he would probably decide it was a great idea after I D-conned them. That's just the sort of thing he would do. I don't want to use chemicals if I can avoid it, just because of the dog and the kids. So we'll see how we do with the peanut butter and snap traps. If peanut butter stops working, I'll have to try the Cheez Whiz. If I can keep El Jefe from eating it all...