Thursday, June 26, 2014

Delightful Daylily Delicacies

The kiddies are at Camp, so I decided to have some fun in foodie foraging.  Today I didn't go very far - in fact, I stepped out the kitchen door, snapped off some daylily buds and flowers, and stepped right back inside.  I wanted something that reminded me of Crab Rangoon, which I cannot have due to the gluten (sigh).  So for each flower, I mixed 1 T neufchatel cheese (only because I was out of cream cheese), 1T plain Greek yogurt (leftover from breakfast), and 1/2 t honey.  After stuffing this into the flowers, I rolled the flowers in 1 beaten egg with 1 T orange juice mixed in.  Then I rolled the flowers in crushed cornflakes and dropped the flowers into a small frying pan with 1/4" sunflower oil hot but not smoking.  After a minute, I rolled the flowers over, and after another minute I removed them, let them cool slightly, and ate them.  I will now have to save all those daylilies later this summer when we have to remove all the dirt the previous owners idiotically piled against the house past the siding because daylily flowers are delicious!

So I had to try the buds, too.  Easiest recipe in the world - wash buds, dry buds, saute in butter and salt and since I had a garlic scape I threw it in there, too.  Oh my!  I love asparagus.  This tastes like asparagus to me.  Now I have to decide if I should even let the flowers bloom at all, or just eat them all as buds.  If there are any left when the kids get home, I'll be amazed.  Or maybe I'll just have them pick the ones that grow wild up near the pine woods...

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