Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring has Sprung

Spring has arrived here, by my unofficial calendar, which dates Spring to the first day it is warm enough for me to feed the bees.  This afternoon,  I assembled the spacers that go above the top deep and below the covers (in order to make room for the feed patties and the bees together).  Then I went out to the hoophouse (which felt like 80 degrees inside - it is 47 outside right now according to the computer, but I though it felt warmer, and the bees were flying everywhere, which usually means it is over 50).  Anyway, I cut the patties into 5 strips each that would fit on top of the frames and still leave the bees space to get up and by.  Then I went out to the hive #1, popped the lid, realized I needed to remove the paper from one side of the strips (sigh), did that, placed them on the frames, put the spacer on, and put the covers back down.  Then I went back into the hoophouse to remove the paper from the other strips before popping hive #2, since I wanted to have the covers off for as short a time as possible.  Same procedure otherwise.  Hive #2 has more bees, but also has made exit holes in both rear corners of the hive, instead of using the front (WTH?  Backdoor bees?  Sounds like the name of a band...)  I was glad I bothered to wear a veil, since they were a bit frisky and I dislike when they get trapped in my hair.  Now I am back to the hoophouse to dig in the dirt and get things ready to sow seeds this weekend.  BECAUSE IT'S SPRING!

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