Thursday, March 12, 2015


Being perpetually short of cash due to all the issues with The Hovel (Cookstove House's new name), we have made arrangements to have some of the Black Walnut trees logged out.  This is very selective, since they aren't taking any other type of tree, nor are they taking all the Black Walnuts.  But it still bums we out, because I would have like to use that wood myself.  Not that I will have time to build any furniture in the next decade, but whatever, that's just my greedy kneejerk reaction.  Anyway, the trees are going to pay for the floor in the pole barn, and the crushed asphalt we need for the driveway, and the difference between what we owe in taxes and what we saved to pay the taxes.  Then we will need to figure out how to pay to have electric in the pole barn.  THEN we can start working on The Hovel, hopefully before the floor under the cookstove caves in.

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