Friday, March 27, 2015

Cleaning up inside and out, without Cinderella to help

I finally got outside today around 2PM.  It was cold and windy, but it didn't matter because I went to the hoophouse.  I dragged three more loads of garden soil out (the kids' sleds are great for this even tho' the snow is gone).  Then I prepped another block, and planted it with golden purslane (last year's seed), joker crisphead lettuce, magenta spreen (fancy name for the weed known as lambsquarters - everyone here thinks its a great spinach substitute), shogoin turnip, rainbow radish pk, purple dragon carrots, hybrid spinach, white icicle radish (my fave), flashy troutsback lettuce, wrinkled crinkled cress, watermelon radish, and merlot lettuce.  Then I watered everything (I'm working out carrying 5 gallon buckets of water out there).  After that, I went outside (the sun had started to shine and the sky had cleared) and pulled brush that had grown up on the north side of the hoophouse around the beehives last year.  The bees weren't out (too cold), so I could get right next to the hives without disturbing them.  I made a big pile of the stuff I pulled.  Then I wandered around the fruit trees determining what needs to pruned this weekend.  I'd like to do it tomorrow, but the Princess has been badgering me all week long to take her to see Cinderella, and I suppose I shall.  Unless she mentions it one more time, in which case we won't go til Sunday, and I'll get the pruning done beforehand.

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