Monday, March 23, 2015

3/23 Hoophouse Plantings, etc

Today saw another block planted in the hoophouse, along with more cleaning.  The bin of fig branches is almost full.  These will be used to start fires in the woodstove next fall.  The second block of sowing is done.  It included green meat daikon, four seasons lettuce, miners' lettuce, hybrid spinach (a free packet from Vermont Bean Co leftover from last year), garden purslane (yes, I am really intentionally planting that weed in my garden), vit, and dragon's tongue arugula (last year's seeds, because I loved it so much).  I have two more lettuces and some golden purslane to go in the hoophouse this week.  Then I have to get the indoor stuff started.  Somewhere.  I don't know where.  The bathroom I would ordinarily use is the one that is in the process of being ripped out, and is therefore unavailable.  Everywhere else is cat country, which won't work.  Except my bedroom, and I can just imagine how well that will go over with El Jefe... I don't think I could sleep with plant lights on, either, actually.  But it's more fun to blame it on him.

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