Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cherries, Sand Cherries, Mulberries, Strawberries...

WHY must they all ripen at the same time?  This is NOT convenient in my kitchen!  I have 14# of strawberries to hull tonight (I picked them this morning), and a gallon of mulberries to stem.  I discovered one of the cherry trees by the paddock had set fruit and ripened and the birds hadn't eaten them all - though I was sharing them with Glory and Mrs. Cardinal while I picked, balancing precariously atop the step stool and pulling down the branches with handy garden implements.  I got a pint of sweet little cherries, so dark they are nearly black.  This will be my dessert tonight.  Or my breakfast tomorrow.  And since I figured one big red berry wouldn't kill me if I was wrong about what it was - I pulled one off the sand cherryish-looking shrub and popped it into my mouth and... it was sweeter than the mulberries (not quite as sweet as the real cherries), and still had that cherry taste.  So, I'm going to pick those tomorrow and eat them, too.  I don't think there will be enough to make jam or anything.  In fact, even if there IS enough, I'm not doing it.  I have three batches of spiced strawberry jam to make, and two mulberry recipes I want to try, and that's enough for this week.  If I do more than that, I'll never finish fencing the gardens to keep those voracious Vorpal Rabbits out. 

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