Friday, June 21, 2013

Fencing out the evil beasties

I noticed a couple days ago that my corn was getting SHORTER instead of taller.  And I noticed that every time I stepped out the door, or drove back into my driveway, that I spooked numerous nasty wabbits.  Okay, they are cute LOOKING rabbits.  But they are RABBITS and not BUNNIES.  Even at the age of three my youngest knew the difference (bunnies are pets, rabbits are dinner).  Anyway, I had to do something to keep them and the chickens and ducks out, and I didn't have time to sit in the yard all day and night with my trusty .22 (and don't want to shoot the chickens and ducks anyway), so I rummaged through the barn for some fencing.  The previous owner had left little bits of several kinds, and being chea - ah, I mean FRUGAL, I thought I'd use it instead of shelling out for new.  So, my little corn plot has two different types of chain link (different heights and gauges both), some four foot high coated green rectangular wire stuff, some uncoated wire fencing in the same rectangular pattern but taller, and when the deer become an annoyance I'm going to slap a higher round of chicken wire above all that.  And I'm holding the whole thing together with wire ties and old fence metal fence poles El Jefe removed from random locations around the farm.  That used up everything except a chain link gate and another piece of chain link, and three rounds of chicken wire.  Unfortunately, I have two more similar sized plots to fence.  The beastly bunnies don't seem to be bothering the taters or maters or onions yet, but either they or the chickens are chomping on this year's pickle crop.  Darned if I am going to go without relish or pickles, so I am about to see if the chicken wire will improve matters at all.  I wouldn't worry about it if it were 5' chicken wire, but it's the short 3' kind and my Rocks can easily fly that, even if the Red Rangers won't.  I really think it's the rabbits, though, so I'm going to see if this works...

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