Monday, June 3, 2013

Duck... it's what's for dinner!

For supper tonight we had Braised Duck with Pineapple from The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook by Gloria Bley Miller.  It is supposed to serve six to eight people, but the four of us left nothing but the bones.  I am retracting my "No more messy ducks!" statement, because that meal was just that good.  I want more ducks.  I think twenty-four ducks.  So I could eat like that at least twice a month.  Actually, there are 73 duck recipes in that cookbook, and that doesn't include the variations on the individual recipes.  Maybe 52 ducks, so I can try a new recipe every week... and still I won't get through them all in a year...  much less the recipes I have in other cookbooks on my shelf that call for Duck... The only hassle is going to be figuring out how to process the darn ducks myself, because $7/bird is kind of expensive.  And buying another freezer to store all those ducks.  I could give up venison for duck.  Then I wouldn't need another freezer.   I could give up shrimp.  That would save space, too.   I could, dare I say it, even give up LOBSTER.  Which I'm only saying to express how much I like duck, not because there is ever any lobster in my freezer... hmmmmmm...

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