Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another beautiful day...

The kids spent the afternoon tearing prickly vines off the corral.  That wasn't my idea.  They inadvertently tore off a few pieces of wood, too, so I think I now need 18 1'x6' instead of 15.  At least they were trying to help... The weather was gorgeous.  Clear blue skies and temp in the upper-forties.  The kids ran around without coats.  Warmer blood than I have, apparently.

I got three of the curtain rods up, and the curtains on them, so the living room is done (until I figure out what color I'm going to paint it) and the Princess' room just needs the closet organizer installed.  I was going to do that today until I discovered I needed a stud finder, which I don't have,  although I have found my tool box (hooray) and the extension cord I needed for the drill (yea) in the process of trying to do this. 

Now I'm going to throw together a chicken casserole we'll have for lunch tomorrow, and get ready to go out to dinner with a friend. 

And same as yesterday and the day before - the pics will go up when El Jefe has a moment to show me how to do it...

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