Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Moving is a slow process...

I haven't been posting because moving is going soooo slowly.  The van died (not unexpected with 189,000 miles on it, just bad timing).  We replaced it with a much smaller Ford Focus that would get far better gas mileage on Ele Jefe's commute, but that has put a serious crimp in my ability to move things to the farm, seeing as how I can only carry one CV trunk load per trip now.  So we're aiming for the end of February now.  El Jefe rented a trailer this past Saturday while I was Appleseeding, but he only got one load moved down because the weather refused to cooperate.  Then yesterday it turned nice and all the snow and ice melted.  I ordered the seeds and plants.  If this weird weather holds, I will spend tomorrow cleaning out the hoop house and repairing the cover. Also cutting back the figs before they poke through the roof.  I'd rather do that while I can work in flannels and jeans comfortably.    As soon as the weather gets bad again, I'll go back to working inside - hanging the curtain rods and closet organizers, now that i finally have a working drill... assuming I can find my toolbox with the drill bits.

More positively, we are back to the ONE NEW ANIMAL PER YEAR RULE (thank goodness).  This year it will be chickens.  I'm disappointed about the bees, but money is tight right now, and will be until May.  I will still set up some swarm boxes just in case we get lucky.  And I'll start saving the cash to order at least three hives next year.  I just fail to see any efficiency in working fewer than that.  And six would be better.  Anyway, we had a bit of a discussion on all the stuff we MUST get done this spring before we can even deal with pig stuff, and I think I finally got across the idea that I was feeling set up to fail by having too much on my plate this first year here.  So, we will get chickens this year and pigs and bees next year.  I hope.

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