Thursday, February 9, 2012


We got a trailer this past weekend and mostly emptied the garage at the apt.  There are a few things left but they will all fit in the trunk of the CV (just not all at once).  If I can get the whole thing emptied and cleaned out before the end of February, we won't have to pay the rent on it in March... saving us another $50.  The boo part was discovering the amount of damage done to out stuff by the raccoon that apparently decided to make itself at home in there. 

On Tuesday, I took another trunk load down and put it away, along with everything I had no time to put away on Sunday.  In the process, I found the stud-finder!  Yay!  Then I discovered the stud-finder doesn't work on the wood paneling.  Boo!  So I decided I'd just install the closet organizers in El Jefe's closet in the master bedroom, and my closet in the mudroom, where there is wallboard and not paneling. Yay!  I'll figure out what to do about the kids' closets later.  We've had to postpone moving again to the 18th, so I have time to come up with a solution,  I think...

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