Friday, April 13, 2012

Gardening notes

I got the leeks and the onions in the ground in the hoop house today - that was four hundred or so little holes.  The kids helped by weeding other beds there, without even being asked to do so.  It made for a pleasant afternoon.  Of the seeds I started indoors, half of the cukes and chile peppers are up.  So is the lemon grass, but it looks REALLY thin.  I've never grown lemon grass so I don't know if that is normal or not.  A lot of the malabar spinach is up, and the amaranth.  Unfortunately, there was apparently an ants' nest under the carrier tray so I had to take that outside and remove and inspect all the plants and transfer them to another tray (leaving the infested peat and ants behind, I hope).  A minor irritation. At least it was warm enough to take the trays outside for some real sun.

 The potatoes arrived, but I have no idea where I am putting them yet, so they are still in the box in my bedroom (since it is far and away the coldest room in the house).  The asparagus will probably arrive next week, so I need to finish double digging the trough and adding the manure.  El Jefe might do it if it doesn't thunderstorm tomorrow (like it is supposed to), and he finishes leveling the base for the chicken coop... Unless removing the last trash tree next to the trough holds more appeal.  Ha.  Tomorrow I am Appleseeding, so I won't be doing any gardening, and Sunday I am singing the special at church, so my spare time is going to practicing with the background tracks anyway.  I hate singing with tracks.  They don't let me take the song where it wants to go.  Probably how an espaliered tree feels.

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