Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pirate Birthday

The Pirate has NOT given me a list for her birthday.  Usually she has a list several pages long for every birthday and holiday for which she might remotely expect a gift.  This is somewhat weird.  But she had mentioned that she wanted more puppets for putting on shows (and really for playing with like the stuffed animals I refuse to buy any more of), so when the Princess and I were in the bookstore today, we checked out the Folkmanis puppets, and found the perfect puppet for the Pirate.  A Flying Squirrel.  Seeing as how her favorite superhero is The Red Panda, that's perfect  (It's a Canadian radio drama, for those who have not yet heard of him).   The Red Panda's sidekick is the Flying Squirrel.  The Pirate wants to be her.  But since she has to be herself, she has decided to be The Flying Cheetah, because she has leopard print clothes already, and that's clothes enough.  (It's late, I'll stop that, right now, really...) 

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