Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Leeks and Onions

This past weekend, while the internet was down, I did get the leeks and onions in the ground... about 200 onions split fairly evenly between red, white, and sweet yellow, and about 60 leeks.  Of course, then I looked a bit more closely at what was coming up in the yard around the trough (future asparagus bed) and realized that... there were leeks everywhere.  There are leeks coming up in the old garden area that is now my compost pile, too.  There are leeks coming up all over.  I have maybe 6 good leek recipes, but will obviously be trying every leek recipe I can find in the near future.  I like leeks, fortunately.  El Jefe, though, looked at me when I told him about the "wild" ones, and said, "Do I like leeks?"  You do now, honey.  You may not later, but you do now.

I was also pleased to see the rhubarb coming up where I cut the overgrown grass back.  That means I'll actually get rhubarb this year instead of having to wait two more years til my newly planted rhubarb is grown enough to cut.

Of the starts in the house, the lemongrass all died.  The amaranth is spindly.  But the malabar spinach looks great, and every seed germinated.  There are 6 good chile peppers and 8 white wonder cukes.  There  was an ant nest in one of the trays, so everything that germinated was moved to the other tray and the antful one was put outside (and drowned in the rain).  I have another tray and I bought some refill peat pellets, so we'll start other stuff this Sunday.  And I'll repot the cukes and peppers to something larger tomorrow, I hope.

And I have finished 2/3 of double digging the trough for the asparagus, which arrived Monday.  I need to finish the other third and get over to Suzanne's for more manure, now that I've figured out how to attach my little wagon to the back of the little tractor.  And I have to mow, too.  All that rain - nice not to have to water my new trees, but does make the grass grow faster.

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  1. I like growing leeks and onions, although I have found that 8 onions is no where near enough for our needs. I think I need more like 50. I grew leeks 2 years ago, and I am pretty challenged with gardening. So, I just put the whole bunch of leeks in the ground, not knowing I was supposed to separate them. I ended up with very small leeks but had enough to make a couple of recipes. I will get some again this year and I will remember to separate the bunch!