Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One of those days

Did you ever have one of these?  Where at the end of the day the only thing you can say is that at least no one died?  That was my Monday.  It really started Sunday when the internet died just before I went to file the taxes.  So El Jefe spent an hour on the phone with the provider trying to fix it long distance.  No joy.  Then he was crabby.  Same thing Monday morning.  Then he had to leave for work (cranky) and I got on the phone.  Another hour.  Still no joy.  AND they couldn't schedule a service call til Wednesday - AFTER the taxes are due.  (Now I, too, am highly irritated).  So now I have to find the original Turbotax disk, and we'll have to load it on El Jefe's computer when he gets home from work, and transfer our return from my computer to his, too.  And then go to McDonalds or somewhere with WiFI, and file there.  Homeschool got cancelled, because of the ninety-three other things that needed to be done/went wrong, including that stupid dog rolling in the nasty, for the forty-second time.  I threw dinner in the crockpot.  Thank goodness for crockpots.  We had a dentist appt. at 2PM.  I wanted to stop at a friend's house on the way, to borrow next year's Tapestry of Grace to see if we want to do that next year (I need to order it soon, if we do).  But we didn't get started early enough to make that stop.  We've been trying to make that stop for a month.  We left on time for the dental appt, but without my phone.  We got there, and their power was out (it is a 45 minute drive to the dentist).  They had called my husband to tell him, about 15 minutes after I'd left the house, but I didn't have a phone for him to call me.  He was annoyed because they had called him anyway - they always call the wrong number about our appts.  I thought I'd just take both kids to the library that only one usually get to go to, while the other is at Sylvan.  But the Princess had forgotten to bring the movies that needed to be returned to that library.  Steam is coming out my ears.  I decided to just waste the gas and drive home (another 45 minutes ONE WAY),  get the movies and my phone and stop at the friend's house on the way BACK to town for the Pirate's appt at Sylvan.  We did this.  Then we dropped the Pirate at Sylvan and went to the library to discover the Pirate has an unreturned book she owes $20.60 to replace, Or $8.00 in late fees if she can find it, which will never happen because her room is a pigsty again.  We went back to Sylvan, picked up the Pirate and drove to TKD where I dropped both kids and went off to the allergist for my shots.  I got the shots.  I got back for my own TKD class, where I kept screwing up the same two points in my form - the form I am supposed to do at the tournament on Saturday.  El Jefe drove the kids home.  I went to Wally World for the fabric tape I need to edge El Jefe's uniform before Saturday's tournament.  On the way home, I ran over a raccoon.  Then I got home and El Jefe was really grouchy because we'd had 58 mph winds during the day and they had torn the hoop house to shreds  The new door is broken and the plastic is torn down the length of the house and up across the top.  In multiple places.  It is now useless.  so we go out in the dark and throw an old painter's plastic over the plants because we are supposed to get frost.  The plastic isn't quite long enough, but I don't think the rhubarb will care.  The carrots might, though.  Re-reading this, individually none of those things should have caused me to do any more than sigh.  Collectively, that should just be a lot of sighs.  Unfortunately, collectively it made me mad.  I might laugh at this later, but only if my plants survive.

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