Friday, March 29, 2013

Chicken Myths...

I learned something new about chickens today.  Since we ate the last roos, we are down to 11 laying hens.  The TopHats seem to be adjusting to living in BigChickenCity, instead of Chicken Ghetto.  They still won't take anything direct from my hand, but they always were flighty.  However, I noticed today that the (black) Blue Andalusian hen had grown some serious SPURS.  Sharp, wicked looking spurs.  I thought, uh?  what?  Is this a transgender chicken?  Turns out that Andalusian hens are known for the occasional spur, particularly in a roo-less flock, and particularly if they are a dominant bird.  Well, they are suddenly roo-less, but I would not have pegged her for a dominant position in the pecking order, because she didn't usually hang out on the top roost.  She DID, however, hang out with Lucky the (late) Rooster, usually next to him in fact.  So perhaps I should get a clue.  Anyway, she still eats out of my hand, though she is usually the fifth or sixth bird to do so, rather than the first or second.

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