Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

Today, because it is Easter and we always do this on Easter, we took a long walk in the park.  The Pirate took a notebook, which she later wished was her "Nature Journal," but we convinced her she could tear the pages out and paste them into the Nature Journal when she got home.  I am just so pleased she thought of journaling our walk all on her own.  She periodically stopped to draw pictures, and to ask for a spelling for something (I forget what).  For the little kid who hated anything to do with the physical act of writing for so long, I am just thrilled she has changed her mind and decided she likes it.  Even if she still spells nearly everything funetiklee.  She counted and recorded the number of beech trees, drew her hand over a large leaf for a size comparison, drew the creek and wrote about how she liked its sparkling in the sunlight, and she went on for a page about the carpet of leaves on the path.  The Princess used her iPod to photograph whatever struck her fancy... the dog, us, the two Sandhill Cranes we saw, and she made a movie of the path itself for awhile.  She thought it would be funny to speed it up so it would look like she was running down the path.  I took pics of the girls, El Jefe, the dog by default (they insisted), and the weird maze left by insects (some kind of borer?) on the surface of a fallen log after the bark has fallen away.  It was a Happy Easter.  Even if I did forget to color the eggs.  Again.

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