Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Never go to TSC alone in the spring...

Because you might come home with 15 ducklings.  Between my love for roast duck, and my love for a good deal, that is what I did.  TSC was expecting another delivery of chicks, and had rather too many unsold ducks, so they said I could have all 15 in the bin for $5.  They were 9 days old Pekins.  With a feed conversion ratio of 1# gain for 2.5# feed, and a slaughter date 6-10 weeks from now, at 7# (the range depends on whether they are confined with food constantly available, or free-ranged), I could hardly say "No!" to that.  Of course the darn things are so cute the kids want to keep a couple.  If I allow that, they can have the little coop after the Red Rangers are in the freezer.  I think between the ducks and the meat chickens and two more hives of bees and the expanded garden, we'll wait to add the pigs 'til next year.  I've got enough on my plate (pun intended!).

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