Sunday, March 31, 2013

The chicks are coming! The chicks are coming!

As I was riding in the car on the way to church this morning, I got the expected phone call from the central Postal facility for the county where we live.  As soon as I heard who was calling I said, "Just send them on to the township office tomorrow morning, please."  The postal worker laughed, and told me he would.  So I'm off to prep the chick brooder this evening.

The bees have been fed.  I spent a few minutes with my nose up to the hive entrance afterward, just watching them come in, with so much of that pale yellow pollen, it looked like giant flakes against their bodies, not just balls at their knees.  And sometimes they were covered in so much of it that they didn't match the bees leaving the hive at all, colorwise.

Also, I've cleaned out the dirty ducks bins, again, and I have one empty left for the chicks arriving tomorrow morning.  Unfortunately, we used the other two to hold dirt while double digging the hugelkultur bed, and getting the logs into it, along with all the bedding from the little coop where the ducks will go later this week (I hope).  The dirty ducks sure are LOUD.  And one of them has learned how to quack.  The rest are still peeping and cheeping.

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