Sunday, September 15, 2013

Garden weirdness

I am not used to getting rhubarb in the fall.  My rhubarb has re-sprouted in the hoop house (it always dies back to the ground when it gets hot), and I have two plants still in a mess of bamboo and fencing near the barn that have stalks ready to eat.  Also, some of my asparagus (which I let go to seed months ago) has sent up new stalks.

I have been fighting the evil moles, voles, mice, rabbits, etc., that sneak into the hoop house behind my back all season.  They keep eating the leaves off the sweet potatoes.  I keep slapping milk jugs over the sweet potatoes, which keeps them off for awhile.  It's been such a problem I don't know if I'll get any sweet potatoes at all.  The plants are still green, so I'm going to keep letting them do their thing.  A couple vines did get into the cukes.  I think the cukes might have been prickly enough to keep the larger animals out.  Maybe.

We have some hideous plant disease from Canada that is taking out all the cukes.  Also the neighbor's zukes, and my pumpkin vines.  It won't matter much about the pumpkins - most of them are orange already, but I'm bummed about not having anymore zucchini bread.  I will have to plant ONE next year.  I know better than to plant a pack of that!  We've been told to burn all the dead vines, and to rotate the crops and not plant anything that had it this year in the same spot.  I just want to keep it out of my hoop house at this point.  May be hard to do when it is airborne.

No figs yet.

I have grapes.  The wild Concord kind.  With large seeds.  Growing all over the barn.  They have to come down.  (So does the barn, eventually, probably).  If I can do that before the birds get them all, I will have to make grape jelly.  I'd much rather have seedless grapes so I can make grape JAM, because a) it's easier to make; and b) I like jam better than jelly, mostly because of a).

I am short of jam for the year, too.   Must find a source for fall raspberries.  Or I will be buying strange fruit in the grocery store and testing odd recipes on my family again.  (Kiwi jam, anyone?)

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