Saturday, September 14, 2013

Harvest! Part Two

The Princess and I spent the afternoon digging taters because it is supposed to rain for the next several days.  Now there is a laundry basket full in the living room.  I think that is a smashing success for that experiment.  We planted all the taters in the new hugelkultur beds.  Even the Yukon Golds from the grocery store that I planted after they sprouted in my pantry (to replace the ones the raccoon ate) produced well.  So hooey on all the internet naysayers who said they wouldn't grow at all.  We have room for one more hugelkultur bed in that area of the yard (next to the little chicken coop).  So there is some ditch-digging and rotten log dragging in my future.  And I have to find room for at least one more this year.  Next year, I will plant strawberries on the ones that held taters and onions this year... which means I'll need a few more beds after that for taters, so I can keep rotating the crops, since the strawberries will be there 3-5 years.  I need to fence that, too, because the chickens had a little too much fun playing in the straw that I put on the potatoes.  If I cannot find the space for more H-beds, (I'm tired of typing that word), then we'll experiment with taters in straw bales, and taters in burlap bags (seeing as how I have so many of the darn things in the barn, and they do not work well at all for keeping down the weeds).  NOTE TO SELF_ cardboard works better keeping down the weeds and it doesn't get tangled in the mower.

Oh yeah, I harvested the rest of the onions - should have done it sooner - I lost four of them to rot.  There is enough for relish and salsa, but not enough for anything else.  Obviously, I must plant more onions next year.  And since Dan can't eat the red ones, I need to find a good yellow storage onion for that. 

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