Monday, September 23, 2013

Life is easier with a pickup truck

Instead of finishing up the ten bags of apples, or picking the rest, we cleared the "road" down to the the cornfields, so we can use the new pickup to haul the firewood back to the house (which is a darn sight more pleasant and convenient than trying to hand carry it a quarter mile uphill to the house.  It might not be quite as much fun as using the tractor to drag the garden cart, according to the kid who got to drive the tractor last year.)

So, tomorrow the plan is now early homeschool, then music lessons while I go to the grocery store, then apples.  I have to finish that job because the Ag School Fruit Sale is Friday, and that's when I purchase everything they have that I didn't manage to grow myself, for better prices than I can get anywhere else.

The Pirate finally lived up to her half of the deal she made with me, and cleaned out the chicken coop and filled it with new bedding.   The silly duck is still laying GIANT double-yolked eggs, which are great for replacing two extra large chicken eggs in my dessert recipes.

I have pointed out that English Mastiffs are HUGE.  As in, the HUGEST dogs around, and therefore EAT A LOT.  The Man's response was that we should just raise more rabbits.   Later I will point out that mastiffs run $1000+ each.  Plus another $1000 expenses every year.  I am not on board with the "Let's get another dog" thing, can you tell?

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