Friday, April 24, 2015

Of chicks and chickens and mean as the dickens...

Chick update - there are two chicks from the incubator currently living in Tooth's old cage.  One is the original, the other is a gimpy second chick that except for being gimpy, looks just like the first one.  It hatched the next day.  Then on the 20th (I think), the broody Buff Orp hatched one bitty brown chick.  It's very cute, very active.  She had it outside the coop yesterday, and outside the pen today.  Unfortunately, some of the other hens try to peck at it.  She defends it and they usually leave.  Except for the other Buff Orp, who tried to start the hen version of a cock fight.  I grabbed her and threw her over the fence for this.  She flapped off in a huff, and for my trouble Mam Hen attacked my boot.  She didn't like it when I lifted her into the coop this evening either, even though I quickly handed her the little chick.  It's amazing how LOUD one chick that wants its mama can be.

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