Thursday, April 2, 2015

Turq's chick in Tooth's cage

We lost our favorite roo, Turq,  a month ago, and in order to make the Pirate feel a little better, we saved eggs from the hens for the next few days, and then popped them into the incubator a most generous friend loan us.  I candled them about a week into incubation, and only three were developing (of the dozen or so).  We were not hopeful.  But this morning we woke up to a lovely little surprise.  A peeping chick in the incubator, fully hatched and half dried already.  I think this is probably all that will hatch, though I will candle them before I pitch them to be sure.  In any case, the Pirate is thrilled that she has descendents of her beloved Turq, and the rest of us are pleased and guardedly hopeful that this one will survive.  It is going into a makeshift brooder in an hour.  When I say makeshift, I really mean that... the brooder is the snake's old cage.  I needed something other than my usual plastic storage bin setup, since the cats can get into that.  So... off to drag Tooth's old home out of the barn, and install Diamond, the chick, into it.

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