Friday, April 24, 2015

Sunchokes and Ramps and Ginseng, oh my!

I finally figured out where to put the sunchokes so they don't take over the world.  I hope.  They are on the north side of the hoophouse in a frame I found in the barn made of 1x10s and scrap lumber.  As long as they don't ever get into the hoophouse, I really don't care if that 4'x8' space holds them.  There are only 21 chokes in that space right now anyway, so they have room to expand where they are.  And I will try to dig all of them up every year.  They are on top of old landscaping fabric that was already there, in a bed full of chicken bedding from last year, and bagged dirt that I had bought for the hoophouse, but decided to use instead of the horse manure that will likely end up in the hoophouse to top off the beds.  The kids can make some cash weeding it...

I also got the ramp planted back in the woods.  I marked the spot with a stake, and I found my stakes from planting the ginseng seeds last year.  There's stuff growing there right now, but it isn't the ginseng.  I'll have to check when it is supposed to come up, and whether or not I should weed out what is there.  But right now I am going to take advantage of the last of the light, and do some more work in the hoophouse.

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