Friday, November 12, 2010

Picky Snake Will Not Get Dessert

Tooth, like the Pirate Princess, is apparently a picky eater.  He has let the latest mouse live in his cage unmolested since Monday.  I do not like this, Sam-I-Am.  I cannot rescue this mouse, because Despereaux is a boy mouse, and will fight with any other boy mouse I put in his cage.  Also, rescuing any more mice sets a bad precedent;  I didn't want the pets we have, and don't want any more.  So nameless boy mouse #2 must be dinner for Tooth no matter how long it takes.  The problem is nameless boy mouse #2 is growing (I did have to feed him, lest he die of starvation) faster than Tooth, and I am wondering just how wide Tooth can unhinge his jaws to snarf up a mouse now rather larger than any hopper has a right to be.  I wish Tooth would stop chasing his food and just eat it, because it is making his cage smell of mouse, and honestly, eau de serpent is better.  I think I will go eat another gluten free pumpkin chocolate chip cookie, because I am not so picky.


  1. Methinks thou doth protest too much regarding the number of pets. You write like someone who loves pets but doesn't want to let anyone else see beneath the cold and prickly exterior. ;-)

  2. I admit I kind of like the snake. He only needs to be fed once a week, and unlike the mouse, he doesn't stink. And he's pretty. But the mouse, while cute as a cottonball, smells like a mouse. And the dog stinks like whatever nasty thing he's rolled in this week. On apparently not quite rare enough occasions, I fail to stomp squishy pity feelings completely and end up with pets that offend my sense of smell, which means I must practice my cold prickliness a bit more to avoid this in the future. Heh.