Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tooth Is a Pig, not a Snake; too bad he is not a Deer in my Freezer

okay, so someone decided the snake looked hungry or something, and tossed two hoppers in his cage, and apparently they were the gourmet size, because he ate them both in less than ten minutes.  S'up with that?  He lets one live in his cage for a week, then snarfs two in just minutes? 

And speaking of food, I still haven't gotten a deer this season.  I had to watch a big ten-point trot away from me yesterday at 8AM, and didn't see anything else that day, then this morning I had to watch one tear through through the field going west, then five minutes later watch six does come tearing back the same way going east, while I sat unmoving (except for shivering) in my tree.

I'm not going out at all tomorrow, but will cut kickboxing class on Tuesday morning in one last ditch effort to get some meat in the freezer.  I hope it works.  I wonder how mad the family would be if I skipped Thanksgiving Day in favor of hanging out in my tree...

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