Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tooth is spoiled by the Pirate

Okay, so I get back from my massage (yea!) and then the kids get back from the movie and ice cream and the pet store.  Yes, they stopped at the pet store and the Pirate bought a mouse less than half the size of the behemoth living in Tooth's cage.  She puts him in with Tooth, and five minutes and a short chase around the cage later and the mini-mouse is gone.  The Pirate was none too happy about this, because mini-mouse was "so cute."  The very fact that the snake found and snarfed mini-mouse so quickly is evidence of his hunger.  It also explains why he was so cranky.  I get like that when my blood sugar drops, too.  El Jefe will be dealing with the behemoth tonight.  Yuck.   I'm not hungry now.

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