Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Tooth shed his skin last night, all in one impressively long piece.  Miss Pirate is thrilled.  She has a collection of them (there are lots of snakes in our backyard) and is glad to now have her own personal supplier.  What does one DO with a shed snakeskin, aside from tossing them on every bookshelf one owns?  Suggestions are welcome...


  1. Boots, handbags, belts... I think that El Jefe should get on that... seems like he knows how to do every other weird thing I can think of, so he probably knows how to make snakeskin accessories, too.

  2. I wish I could do that with the shed skins, but I think they have to be tanned, which would really upset the Pirate... well, I don't know, maybe it wouldn't, she'd probably think it really cool to have red, white and black striped boots, and her feet are the only ones in the house small enough for this to be a possibility. I can never quite figure out how she will react to anything - she was heartbroken and hysterical for weeks over the baby squirrel she rescued from the dog when it died anyway (10 minutes later). But she has no issues with anatomy lessons on the deer I butcher, and only wanted El Jefe to tell her if he brought home a squirrel for dinner that it wouldn't be a baby. Odd little girl. I should know. I was one.