Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bees are happier, I hope.

Well, I finally found the tool(s) I needed to finish the frames for the hive, so I got that done this morning and now the hive has a second deep.  I hope they like it.  Next I'll have to make the frames for a super, just in case they fill that second deep before everything stops blooming.  I heard from the farmer's wife that we're supposed to get as cold an August as we've had hot a July... and that since the cicadas started chirping the fourth of July, and we have six weeks from that time (usually in August, btw) til the first frost (usually after Sept 15), well, this has just been the weirdest gardening year ever.

The idiot mutt tried to eat another chicken - he grabbed a Polish Top Hat rooster's tail from the other side of the one inch chicken wire fence.  I hope he broke his teeth on the fence.  Would anyone (that has no chickens) like to adopt a dog?  I'm going to have to shell out for a new shock collar (the THIRD) because the first one doesn't work and the second one went missing in the move, in order to train the doufus that the chickens are OFF LIMITS to his stupid self. 

To calm down the Pirate who was bawling about the Polish Top Hat while holding it in her arms, we fed the chickens chunks of cuke from our garden that something else had already started chewing on the vine.   They LOVED it.  Well, all of them except the TopHats which pretty much hid under the coop and clucked.  Everyone else came out, even the hinky Grey Fox (blue andy rooster), for a bite.  Or several.  Or a few attempts to eat my engagement ring, and the threads and buttons on my pants.  Whatever.  At least we got everyone calmed down. 

I haven't gotten the cherries done yet, and it's still in the nineties in the house, so I believe I will do that tomorrow morning when it will be...

73 degrees at sunrise.  Sigh.

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  1. El Jefe, reading this from his hidden fortress in Europe, ordered you a shock collar from Amazon. 'Cause you're just that awesome, and the dog can't be allowed to eat chickens.