Saturday, July 21, 2012

More pickles...

I'm up rather later than I wanted to be as I am finishing up another batch of pickles (sweet pickle chips this time, suing the nifty wavy chopper tool).  I'm kind of surprised any actually made it into the jars (6 pint jars worth) because I tasted one, okay, more than one, before I started canning them.  They have to be soaked 12-24 hours in vinegar and sugar and spices, and they were yummy without even processing or aging them, even though I lacked the fresh ginger the recipe calls for.   Somehow,  I managed not to snarf the entire saucepan full of not-quite-pickles and now I am waiting to hear if all the jar lids will seal. (I've heard two of them pop so far, make that three.  I love that sound - it means I did it right...)

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